Fork Lift Operators Training ($150.00)

Fork Lift Operators TrainingForklift training will cover (truck-related topics) including all operating instructions, warnings, and precautions for the types of trucks the operator will operate; differences between the truck and the automobile; controls and instrumentation: location, what they do, and how they work.

Training also includes:

  • engine or motor operation
  • steering and maneuvering
  • visibility (including restrictions due to loading)
  • fork and attachment adaptation; operation, and use limitations
  • vehicle capacity (weight and load center)
  • vehicle stability (with and without load and attachments)
  • vehicle inspection and maintenance the operator will be required to perform
  • refueling and/or charging and recharging batteries
  • operating limitations
  • any other operating instructions, warning, or precautions listed in the operator’s manual for the type of vehicle which the employee is being trained to operate.